Modern Verve

The Modern Verve Story

Modern Verve, a Seattle-based company, was established in 2005 by Shea Bajaj. From his background as an architect and his eccentric life-experiences – including piloting aircraft, working in Micronesia on solar energy sources, and exploring his heritage in India – he was able to draw from a deep well of inspiration and create decorative pieces that showcase the relationship between light and structure. Since then, the brand has gained national acclaim, featuring highly conceptualized contemporary pieces with a haunting heirloom quality.

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Why We Modern Verve Lighting

Modern Verve is a brand that takes chances, that pushes past the boundaries of contemporary aesthetic norms. Each product represents a hairsbreadth balance between form and function, often including sparse or inherently mechanistic structures that incorporate porcelain, glass, machined metal, and energy-efficient LED light sources. In addition, each product has a timeless, artisan quality, being handcrafted totems of personal experience that could just as well make an entertaining movie or novel.

A Fun Fact About Modern Verve

Being the creative ethos of Modern Verve, founder Shea Bajaj’s inspirational experiences are worth mentioning again and again. Throughout the decades, he has become an avid pilot. He has traveled to India to investigate his heritage. He has worked in Micronesia to develop solar energy sources for remote islands. He has also explored the deserts of Oregon and the mountains surrounding Seattle, Washington where his studio and showroom are located.

Noteworthy Products from Modern Verve

The Flute Series features a series of handcrafted, minimalistic structures (including chandeliers, pendants, and sconces) complete with adjustable machined brass and aluminum rods that are bookended by milk glass cylinders. The Spark Series offers a similar, yet distinct setup, consisting of sparse, adjustable machined metal structures that are capped by handcrafted, faceted porcelain shades. Both incorporate dimmable LED bulbs which ensure a customizable, energy-efficient lightscape.

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Modern Verve