Lumen Center Italia

The Lumen Center Italia Story

Founded in 1976, Lumen Center Italia strives to combine technology and innovation with a designer aesthetic. All products by Lumen Center Italia are produced, designed, engineered and assembled in Italy. They work with a stable of international designers who have a passion for art and lighting in their DNA.

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Why We Love Lumen Center Italia Lighting

Although Lumen Center Italia is an Italian company, their scope of inspiration moves far beyond that. With influences from their French roots and the Far East, the company takes care to produce lighting with exquisite attention to aesthetics. Cutting-edge technology and care for the cultural aspects of art and design allow everyone involved with the manufacturing—from designer to craftsman—to pursue their best work.

A Fun Fact About Lumen Center Italia

In addition to their contemporary catalog, Lumen Center Italia innovates in the scientific realm. They’ve participated in research aimed at the interaction between light and the human body’s metabolism, the use of alternate light sources and even studying synesthesia, a condition where people can “hear” color and “see” sound.

Noteworthy Products From Lumen Center Italia

Known to gather influence from other cultures, Lumen Center Italia creates designs that combine aspects from all over the globe with the contemporary modernism that is so sought after. Epitomizing this philosophy are the Coral Chandelier, the Astolfo HT LED Floor Lamp, and the Grus Floor Lamp. Each of these fixtures combine differences in materials with a beautiful blending of cultures to create truly statement-making pieces.

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Lumen Center Italia