Giuseppe & Giuseppe

The Giuseppe & Giuseppe Story

With a desire to create authentic Italian furniture with high-end, ecologically-responsible building materials, Giuseppe Nicoletti and Giuseppe Calia formed a brand in Italy with Italian master craftsmen. Since then, Giuseppe & Giuseppe has established itself as a brand that produces progressive, forward-thinking designs with a subtle homage to traditional Italian designs that inspired past generations.

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Why We Love Giuseppe & Giuseppe Furniture

Giuseppe & Giuseppe is renowned for its high-end building materials and meticulous craft. Each product is conceived and constructed by Italian artisans who use environmentally friendly materials to fashion chic, forward-thinking designs. Whether it be a sofa, chair, or loveseat, each piece captures the classic Italian spirit of form and function, drawing inspiration from older designs and presenting them in a fresh light for a new generation.

Fun Facts About Giuseppe & Giuseppe

Giuseppe & Giuseppe came about as a high-end line meant to complement the Nicoletti Calia Brand, which featured products that were made in China. Soon, Nicoletti and Calia figured that it was time to deliver high-end furniture that was both ecologically responsible and proudly made in Italy. Many of the furniture pieces feature a high grade of leather, allowing for a durable and visually appealing placement within the modern household.

Noteworthy Products from Giuseppe & Giuseppe

From the vast array of Giuseppe & Giuseppe products, one piece that stands out is the iconic Megan Sectional Sofa. This particular piece is built with manually-liftable headrests that allow for maximum customization and comfort. Another piece that features a blend of ergonomics and luxury is the Hotel Lounge Chair, which utilizes rich wood materials and an ecological polyurethane foam.

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Giuseppe & Giuseppe