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Food Containers, Jars & Storage

29 Results
  • Plisse Electric Kettle
    2 Size Options
    $8900 - $9900
  • Mattina Bread Box
  • Dressed Glass Jar
    4 Size Options
    $5200 - $6400
  • Trullo Storage Container
  • Double Bottle
  • Food A Porter Lunch Box
  • Food A Porter Lunch Pot
  • Food A Porter Bottle
  • OBAR Kitchen Multi-Storage Rack
  • Gnam Bread Box
  • Water Tower Container
  • BASIC Butter Dish
    2 Size Options
    $3599 - $4899
  • Kalisto 3 Kitchen Box with Knob
  • Kastehelmi Jar
    2 Size Options
    $3500 - $4500
  • ALINJO Oil and Vinegar Set
  • Ettore Sottsass Condiment Set (Oil, Vinegar, Salt & Pepper)
  • Teema Timi Soup Bowl with Lid
  • Dressed Cookie Jar
  • Kalisto 1 Kitchen Box with Knob
  • Circus Storage Jars
    2 Size Options
    $5700 - $6400
  • Lula Jar
  • Julieta Jar
    2 Size Options
    $4900 - $5300
  • Mio Jar
  • Veneer Glass Box
    4 Size Options
    $5000 - $5800

Learn More About Food Containers

Why We Love Food Containers

Make food storage fun with this selection of unique food containers. Whether you need to store and organize honey, oil and vinegar or salt and pepper, these modern food containers add a colorful and stylish punch to any kitchen. Designed by some of the best names in kitchen accessories like Alessi, Blomus, Seletti and Menu, these food storage containers are at once well-designed, eye-catching and exceptionally useful in any kitchen.

Where Food Containers Work Best

Kitchens quickly become cluttered work spaces that are in need of proper storage. And while you may have larger storage pieces in place in the form of buffet tables, credenzas and various cabinets, keeping each and every item in your kitchen well-organized is simply a must-have. With this collection of unique food storage containers, you'll ensure everything has a place and is in its place when it is not in use. That could mean decorative jars for all of your condiments, an eye-catching candy dish or a clean-lined and contemporary butter dish. Whatever the need may be, you'll find the right form of storage here.

Food Containers For Every Style

Just the right modern kitchenware brings personality to the room and establishes it as more than just a common work area. While you are cooking and creating different culinary concoctions, these containers and storage accessories ensure you'll have just what you need and when you need. For a playful aesthetic for food storage, look to the options from the Italian Design Factory, Alessi. Blomus is responsible for the crisp, stainless steel accessories you'll find here and you will notice it is easy to decorate your home with one seamless look. Between these two highly-regarded home design brands, you'll quickly transform the look and feel of your kitchen.

Choosing the Best Food Containers

To find the right food containers for your needs, first identify what kind of food storage you need. Do you need a set of condiment holders? What about decorative jar for cookies and treats? Or is it a well-dressed butter dish? Take a quick assessment of what your kitchen area is lacking, then begin your shopping. You'll also want to look for colors and finishes that will easily blend into the current palette of your kitchen. And lastly, to create a cohesive look throughout the space, keep an eye out for items that belong to bigger families of products. If you have any questions about the food storage containers featured here, please call our decor experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

Proper storage and containment of food items is just one element of great kitchen design. For cooking and other food preparation tasks, be sure to see the selection of kitchen tools. Whether it's a new knife set or a fun cooking time to help ensure the cookies don't burn, you'll find everything you need. Complement your stylish accessories with modern kitchen furniture and if you need to keep your hardwood flooring or tile covered, check out the assortment of rugs.

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