Ferruccio Laviani

The Ferruccio Laviani Story

Ferruccio Laviani first came into his own as a designer during the influential radical/anti-design period of the 1980s. He contributed to the famous Memphis collection, helped found the Solid Group and worked alongside other famous contemporary designers like Michele De Lucchi, Ettore Sotsass and Achille Castiglioni.

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The creative energy of that time, the experimental use of form and function, color and materials proved most impressive to Laviani and greatly influenced his subsequent design work at companies like Moroso, Dolce & Gabbana, Flos Lighting, Swarovski Lighting, Kartell and Foscarini.

Why We Love Ferruccio Laviani

The experimentation Laviani embraced in the 1980s continues to this day. At first glance, Ferruccio Laviani design is distinguished not so much by a single distinct shape or design style but, rather, an exuberant use of color. There are the jewel tones seen in the monochromatic Kartell Take Table Lamp and the mid-century modern splotches of the Foscarini Orbital Floor lamp. The Kartell FLY Suspension is available in no fewer than eleven colors. This selection of items reveals no set Laviani style. However, the lack of a signature design element actually becomes a signature of its own: one with no limitations.

Noteworthy Lighting From Laviani

In addition to revealing his brilliant use of color, the Take, Orbital and FLY mentioned above are also an ideal cross-section of Laviani's experimental nature, as are other items like the Bourgie Table Lamp, which displays classic baroque style constructed out of modern polycarbonate, and the metallic Cindy Table Lamp.

In His Own Words

"I never had my own label and, to be honest, I wouldn’t want one either. I would probably be the first person to be bored of himself. I always hope though that someone is pleased about my designs, no matter if it’s a shop, an object or something else that causes an emotion."

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Ferruccio Laviani