Swarovski Lighting

The Swarovski Story

In 1895, having invented a machine that made cutting crystals much more precise than traditional manual methods, Daniel Swarovski founded a crystal factory in the town of Wattens in Tyrol, Austria. The initial focus was primarily on crystal for jewelry, home accessories and fashion.

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In 1965, Swarovski began producing crystal elements for chandeliers (registered as STRASS in 1977). Selling their crystal to other makers for years, Swarovski eventually began making their own luxury lighting fixtures. They currently produce contemporary crystal lighting through their own brand and Schonbek Lighting, a leading maker of fine crystal chandeliers, which Swarovksi acquired in 2007.

Why We Love Swarovski Crystal Chandeliers

With exquisite cuts, clarity and colors, Swarovski crystal is widely accepted as the finest crystal in the world and it is the ideal prism with which to capture light and transform it into colorful shards. The extraordinary lighting effects are matched by the intricate forms of Swarovksi Luminaires themselves, as seen in the Luminaires and Lighting Centerpieces collections. These lighting collections are decorative Swarovski chandeliers, pendant lighting and wall sconces designed for the new millennium, with geometric figures inspired by the multi-faceted geometry of the individual crystal components that comprise them.

A Fun Fact About Swarovski Lighting

There's more to Swarovski lighting than mere glitz and glamour. Back in 1950, Swarovski founded a brand called Swareflex, which produces reflectors and road marking studs with glass elements. Over the past fifteen years, Swareflex has also developed and manufactured a variety of LED-powered electronic guidance systems.

Noteworthy Lighting From Swarovski

The Swarovski Eyris family features a multi-faceted disc of cut crystal suspended a couple of inches from the light source. The resulting lighting effect is mesmerizing, a veritable kaleidoscope of color above and below. And for a Swarovski light fixture that really translates luxurioius design, look to the Swarovski Circle Pendant.

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