The Diesel Story

Iconic, unconventional, fun, fiery and creative. From rock to pop, from casual to vintage and from graphics to art. The Successful Living collection is a collection that speaks a multitude of languages, tells different stories and expresses an unmistakable style: the Diesel lifestyle.

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Beginning in 1978 as a company focused on making quality clothing, Diesel has become part of the youth culture worldwide. With products ranging from lighting to watches to motorcycle helmets, Diesel eschews the dictates of style forecasters, instead creating designs that eclectically speak to personal tastes.

Why We Love Diesel

Finally, Diesel customers are able to personalize their homes with lighting that is equal to their tastes. A way of being and of dressing that also becomes a way of furnishing. Hard as metal, soft as fabric, slim as a luminous cage, shiny as chrome-plated glass, but always unique and different. The Diesel Lighting collection utilizes innovative materials and production techniques, and each item is customized using iconic Diesel treatments and styles.

A Fun Fact About Diesel

As one might expect from a lifestyle brand like Diesel, references to various segments of pop culture abound. For instance, a truly fun heavily articulated (and animated) table task lamp is named the Duii Table Lamp, the name taken and tweaked from Dewey Duck, one of Donald’s nephews.

Noteworthy Lighting From Diesel

Riffing on old sci-fi B movies, the Mysterio Pendant is a contemporary tribute to those string-propelled flying saucers found in, say, Ed Wood’s infamous “Plan Nine From Outer Space.” Sleek and minimalistic, the gloriously glossy spacecraft-inspired fixture would look otherworldly hovering over a dining room table. The Rock Suspension features a faceted design that is fashioned after a volcanic rock that holds a jewel within. And finally, you'll want to see the Cage Suspension to fulfill an urban-industrial aesthetic.

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