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Desktop Accessories

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14 Results


14 Results
  • Nelson Night Clock
  • Rotary Tray
  • Brass Desk Collection
    5 Product Options
    $3500 - $10900
  • Paper Organizer
  • Edison the Petit Residence


  • Nelson Tripod Clock
  • Brass Tray
  • Brass Pencil Cup
  • GENTS Flip Business Card Case
  • Pes Paper Knife
  • Coupled Round Tray
    1 Size Options
  • Ellipse Colored Steel Desk Set
  • Ellipse Set of 3 Trays
  • Sculptural Object


    $9900 - $14500

Learn More About Desktop Accessories

Why We Love Desktop Accessories

Decorate your work station with a unique selection of modern desktop accessories. Add personality to your office space by adding any number of these decorative and unique desktop accessories from the best names in modern design including Blomus, Alessi, Essey and Areaware. With these accessories, everyone will enjoy stopping by your desk.

Where Desktop Accessories Work Best

In the home office or the business office away from, unique and playful accessories make the day's work a little less dull. These desktop products are made to stand out for their character while also serving a functional role in your daily work tasks. A paper tray to store loose papers, a pencil sharpener to keep your number 2 pencils ready to go, a desktop clock to keep you on time and so much more. Most of these contemporary accessories come in complete sets, allowing you to refresh your desktop area easily and with one consistent aesthetic.

Desktop Accessories for Every Style

From unique pencil sharpeners to colorful staplers, this selection has it all and gives you the perfect reason to add a little character to your desktop. Start with traditional accessories like staplers, pen holders, waste bins and tape dispensers, then keep things neat and organized in style with paper trays and desk organizers. From the minds of the Italian Design Factory, Alessi to the charming stainless steel designs by Blomus, this collection has everything you need to properly accent your work space. And really make a unique statement with any of the copper desktop accessories from the Tom Dixon assortment.

Choosing the Best Desktop Products

Find decorative items to add to your desktop comes down to your personal aesthetic and the work space functions you need to fulfill. While superbly stylish and guaranteed to make a statement in your office, these accessories also double as tools to help you complete your daily tasks with ease. Look great and love the way you work. Find colors and finishes that blend in with the rest of the office's decor or choose popping designs that are meant to stand out on their own. If you have any questions about the cool desktop accessories featured here, please call our home decor experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

Before you can outfit your space with desktop accessories, you may actually need a new desk. Modern desks offer a great solution for your work space needs, along with drawers and storage to keep you organized. You may want to browse the selection of filing cabinets for added storage as well. And if it's additional lighting you need for your office, consider a new modern desk lamp to add bright personality to your work surface.

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