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C. Croce

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Cristina Croce is an Italian designer renowned for her innovative lighting designs, particularly her collaboration on the Gemmy Collection for Slamp , an Italian lighting company. Born in Rome, Croce's journey in design began with her graduation in Industrial Design from Rome’s ISIA, laying the foundation for her diverse and creative career.

In 1995, Croce co-founded the 21st Century Design studio with Tommaso Ragnisco. The studio quickly established itself with a variety of projects, but it was her collaboration with Slamp that brought her significant recognition. Her work with Slamp led to the creation of the Sun-Ra collection, showcasing her talent for combining functional lighting with artistic design. The studio also ventured into creating interactive teaching exhibits for museums, installations and special effects and scenography for films and television, reflecting Croce's versatility as a designer.

In 2004, the studio evolved into 21 Lab, continuing its successful collaboration with Slamp. Alongside Manuel Wijffels, Alessandro Spalletta and Tommaso Ragnisco, Croce designed the Gemmy collection, a series of lighting solutions celebrated for their unique aesthetic and innovative use of materials. Beyond her work in design, Croce has also contributed to the academic field, teaching architecture at the Istituto Europeo di Design and working in the Valle Giulia department in Rome.

In 2016, Croce embarked on a new venture, founding Cri 21 srls. This company represents the culmination of her extensive experience, handling a range of projects including graphic design.