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Copper Bathroom + Vanity Lights

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Color: Copper
  • isskuS7 Roman Vanity Light


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  • isskuS7 Mikayla Vanity Light
    Shade Color


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  • isskuS7 Duke Vanity Light
    2 Size Options
    $38700 - $57600
  • isskuS7 Kailyn Vanity Light
    2 Size Options


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Copper Vanity Lights

The metallic sheen of copper vanity lights uplifts the décor of the bathroom when introduced. One of the most trafficked spaces in the home, the bathroom deserves a pristine décor and metal finishes and a metal theme can help accomplish that. The elevated sense while within a bathroom with a metallic finish throughout will elevate the senses and create a sense of flow that spills out into the rest of the home – even without the remaining rooms containing as many or any metallic pieces.

Other popular options for lighting the bathroom include the same fixtures as other rooms in the home such as wall sconces and pendants. Depending on the size of the bathroom, these fixtures may work well enough, or may create only an accent light or a directed downlight from above, leaving shadows behind and in corners of the room. A vanity light will bring a full layer of illumination to the room, especially when paired with other fixtures. When choosing any finish for a fixture make sure to match that color or metallic scheme with multiple fixtures. Copper vanity lights will require other copper bathroom light fixtures so that a sense of symmetry is established in the room.

Other Considerations

Copper light fixtures in particular will make a bold and appealing look that uplifts the décor. The metallic sheen of each piece reflects the light back, adding tasteful reflections to each shade and each fixture. Copper ceiling lights will be effective as the eye subtly draws upward to it, leaving family and friends and other guests surprised at the décor theme and that each fixture matches each other.

When it comes time to install any fixture, it is important to first make sure the piece will work in the room in terms of size. A fixture with too big or too small dimensions will clash with the overall feel of the room, even if the style and color match.

Many fixtures also come with LEDs, which are far more energy-efficient than standard fixtures that use incandescent bulbs. Consider the use of LEDs in every new installation.