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Alessi Dinnerware, Glassware & Flatware

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  • Fior D'Olio Olive Oil Pourer and Taster
  • KnifeForkSpoon 24 pc Monobloc Cutlery Set
  • Amici 24 Piece Flatware Set
  • Dressed 24 Pc Cutlery Set
  • Dry 24-piece Cutlery Set 4180S24
  • Il Caffe Espresso Spoon Set
  • Dressed 5 Pc Cutlery Set
  • Big Love Spoon Set of 4
  • REB09S5 - Ovale 5-piece Cutlery Set
  • Amici Salad Set
  • PlateBowlCup Dinner Plate
  • Amici Serving Spoon
  • Amici Serving Fork
  • Mami Cake Server
  • REB09/9 - Ovale Mocha Coffee Spoon
  • Dressed Salad Set
  • Dressed Breakfast Plate
  • SG53/5 - Mami Dessert Plate
  • Big Love Ice Cream Bowl with Spoon
  • Circus Set of 2 Small Bowls
  • Human Collection Salad Set
  • Mami Serving Fork
  • Mami Serving Spoon
  • Roost Double Egg Cup

Learn More About Alessi Dinnerware, Glassware & Flatware

Why We Love Alessi Flatware, Dinnerware & Glassware

Flatware has been around for centuries, but that’s no reason to stick to age-old styles. Alessi flatware possesses all the exquisite craftsmanship expected from more traditional makers, but with a fresh modern edge that sets it apart. Although simplistic at first glance, all of these pieces display a unique facet of Italian craftsmanship that makes Alessi tableware so desirable. Adorn your table with sleek Alessi silverware, simple yet beautiful glassware, and stunning cutlery sets. Every single piece from the Alessi Dinnerware collection is perfect for both formal occasions and relaxed gatherings. Designed to last, this flatware will carry you through every phase of dining and entertaining with class and style.

Quality Serveware from Alessi

As with all of the elements of Alessi kitchenware, the flatware was designed to look stunning and to last for as long as you need them. So, unlike some other designer brands, which may be reserved for special occasions, both the Alessi serveware and flatware can be used to add a splash of elegance to your daily routines. The handcrafted feel adds an opulent appeal to the serveware while the durable materials and streamlined manufacturing process prolongs their life. With Alessi flatware, you never have to sacrifice style for functionality.