Torchieres with Reading Lights

Torchieres floor lamps with reading lights provide ambient uplighting while offering a separate focused downlight as well. This is especially handy when doing late-night task work or reading from your favorite comfy chair. Obviously portable, most floor lights with reading lamps are also adjustable, working around chairs and tables so you get the most light right where you need it. And there are numerous styles from which to choose, matching a variety of decorating styles.

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Where Torchieres with Reading Lamps Work Best

Place a torchiere floor lamp with a reading light behind a favorite comfy chair in the reading nook. These types of floor lights are also great for living room lighting when entertaining, as well as having focused light near a couch or work space for enjoying a magazine, working on the laptop or sorting the mail. Whatever the need, this selection has a torchiere reading light you will enjoy.

Other Great Options

George's Reading Room Floor Lamp by Kovacs lighting is a perfect example of a torchiere with an attached reading light. This contemporary combo lamp not only provides ambient uplighting, but it also gives you direct task lighting. And you should consider browsing clamp lamps and shelf lighting for similar directional lighting that attaches easily to bookshelves and tables and doesn't take up too much space. You may also enjoy the simplicity of a wall mounted reading light versus that of a floor lamp.

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