Security & Flood Lights

Security lights provide a sense of safety in two ways. First, the most obvious, is exposing the presence of any potential intruder. Second, they provide safety and convenience for any quick nighttime runs outside (taking out the trash, getting something from the car, and so forth). Adjustable outdoor flood lights provide a broad wash of light, eliminating a wide expanse of darkness in one fell swoop. Those with motion detectors automatically come on when needed and off when not, providing additional, and unexpected, comfort with their energy efficiency.

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Where Securty & Flood Lights Work Best

Security lights are best installed where they can illuminate points of entry into, or out of, the home. When plotting out your outdoor lighting scheme, be sure to put flood lights near the doors and windows of your house and garage. You may also be interested in outdoor wall lighting for illuminating similar areas.

Other Great Options

Safety is probably very important to you. Add to the level of safety outdoors with the available selection of deck lighting and outdoor step lights from Kichler Lighting and Hinkley Lighting. And be sure to take a look at the outdoor landscape lighting category for more ways to light up your backyard, walkways and driveway.

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