Modern Kids Furniture

These modern kid-sized renditions of adult furniture make it easy for a child to use his or her imagination. They can participate in adult evenings in while having an area all their own. Kids' furniture is colorful and contemporary--you don't have to give up your modern decor when making room for the little guys. Contemporary kids' furniture pieces are made with a broad age range in mind, so the look is minimal without losing child-like charm. Many of the pieces are mini versions of the adult style, too, so matching is easier than ever.

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Where Modern Kids & Baby Furniture Works Best

Modern kids and baby furniture is the perfect addition to nurseries, game rooms, patios and porches. Their durability means the kids can get many years of use out of these mini tables and chairs, and many can be used outdoors depending on their rating. What better way to plan for an outdoor tea party than with an eco-friendly, child-sized furniture set from Loll Designs? Whether inside or out, these pint-sized modern furniture pieces give your child a sense of independence, ownership and environmental responsibility.

Other Great Options

Try adding a Flux Junior Chair, a Panton Junior Chair or a kid's play table from Fermob to your kids' play room. And accessorize the game room with fun, unique kids toys--limitless entertainment for all ages. Finally, look to kids outdoor furniture for a similar selection of fun designs that are suited for play outside.

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