Mobile and Charging Accessories

Accessorize your phone or tablet with this selection of stylish modern mobile accessories. Designed by the best names in modern living accessories including Areaware, Native Union and Vers Audio, these accessories allow you to charge your device, amplify your music and look great while doing so.

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Where Mobile Accessories Work Best

These mobile accessories are perfect for use at home, in the office and on the go. Most of these accessories are designed to be used with different models of the iPhone and iPad, but you are sure to find something to accessorize your mobile device here. Be sure to stay charged by plugging into a decorative charging dock from Areaware or a chiseled wood dock from iSkelter and take your music with you everywhere you go with a portable speaker from Native Union or Libratone.

Other Great Options

Make a statement at a party with the iPhone Megaphone by en&is. Made from a ceramic material with an Italian walnut stand, the Megaphone is a large passive amplifier that easily projects the audio from your iPhone or iPod. You'll also want to check out office desk accessories for modern desktop accessories that go hand in hand with these mobile accessories.

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