Tom Dixon

The Tom Dixon Story

While playing bass in a disco band in the '70s never got him lasting recognition, Tunisian-born Tom Dixon's love of metal soon pushed him into his current profession and garnered him international renown as modern furniture and lighting designer. He taught himself to weld at age 24, his initial self-produced welded furniture leading to his breakthrough S-Chair design for Cappellini in 1985. Now an international brand, Tom Dixon (est. 2002) is a British design and manufacturing company of lighting and furniture, with products reaching 60 countries and new collections announced every year.

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Why We Love Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon proves the vitality and innovation of British industrial manufacturing by creating inspired, visionary lighting and furniture designs that look like one-of-a-kind pieces. His adventurous eye turns the perfect sphere of chrome into a Mirror Ball Pendant and brass cooking pots into sculptural Beat Lights. What's more, his unique and innovative means of manufacturing have changed the way designers and consumers alike view mass production. He brings accessibility to originality, and it doesn't get much better than that.

Noteworthy Products from Tom Dixon

The brass Beat Light Collection, inspired by the hand-beaten copper cooking vessels made by craftsmen in India, continues an ancient tradition while celebrating modern design. And Tom Dixon furniture, such as the Flash Tables and Fan Chair, are created to maximize their utility while accentuating the beauty of the materials used to make them.

In His Own Words

"My logic is the designers have to take matters into their hands a bit more... I've always been interested in the 'making' side of things, the manufacturing. A lot of my inspiration comes from the visits to the factory. The industry's been increasingly moving toward low cost economies, and we can reverse that now thanks to digital technology."

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Tom Dixon