Crystal Chandeliers

Crystal never goes out of style. For hundreds of years, it has been the material of choice for lighting makers when they want to make a grand impression. The pleasure created by the sparkle of cut crystal is visceral, instinctual; it draws people in. Even the blandest design is instantly transformed by the jewel-like flash of crystal.

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The only thing that has changed lately in the world of crystal chandeliers is the proliferation of design styles. Contemporary lighting has taken crystal and run away with it, with eternal European chandeliers now joined by geometric, modern chandeliers from design brands including Swarovski Lighting and Schonbek.

Where Crystal Chandeliers Work Best

The dramatic sparkle - and often dramatic form - of crystal chandelier light fixtures make a great first impression in entryways, foyers, living rooms and dining rooms. In the entryway or foyer, you will immediately impress your guests when using a crystal chandelier as it will stand out as a glimmering showpiece. Likewise, the living room will sparkle from the luxury-exuding elegance offered by a crystal chandelier. Not only is it a way to convey luxury in the space, a chandelier with crystals will also become a conversation piece among guests. And you can make every meal an event with the iridescent shimmer of a crystal chandelier in the dining room. Suspended over the dining table, crystal chandeliers act as the centerpiece of the room. Finally, in compact spaces, you may prefer a mini crystal chandelier and if you love the benefits of energy efficiency, look to a crystal chandelier with an LED light source.

A Crystal Chandelier for Every Style

Although crystal in nature and representative of luxury, this selection of crystal chandeliers can fit a variety of interior design styles ranging from homes with classic decor to those with a modern touch. Traditional crystal chandeliers feature the familiar multi-tiered structure supporting branches of candlesticks. For this style of classic chandelier shape, look to the options available from Minka-Lavery or Kichler. In contemporary spaces, you'll love the crystal chandeliers from Robert Abbey, including the popular Bling Chandelier. Finally, for an ultra-modern design from Italy, look to the chandelier options from Leucos.

Choosing the Right Size Crystal Chandelier

Crystal chandeliers are offered in a variety of sizes to best accommodate your space. In grand entryways and great rooms, you may prefer a large crystal chandelier. Conversely, in a compact dining room, you will benefit from a mini crystal chandelier. When shopping for a chandelier, you will want to review its available dimensions including height, width, weight and cable suspension length. By reviewing this information for a crystal chandelier you are interested in, you can ensure you are making the right choice for your room. If you have any questions about the sizes of crystal chandeliers featured here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Great Options

If you are shopping for a fundamental Schonbek crystal chandelier look, you may also want to see the decorative crystal chandeliers from James R. Moder. A contemporary crystal chandelier from the James R. Moder company is the perfect option for both residential and commercial applications. And crystal designs can provide a luxurious element from sources of light other than ceiling lights. Be sure to check out the crystal selection for all things crystal, including wall lights and portable floor and table lamps.

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