Regina Andrew

The Regina Andrew Story

This company was started by two artists (Carla Regina Zajac and James Andrew Slaven) with entrepreneurial traits. The first collection from Regina Andrew was created in 2000, in the founders’ garage in Wyandotte, Michigan. Their philosophy is that all of us are collectors, but our lives are always changing and constantly evolving.

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The only way to grow is to recreate our spaces and experiment with collections, thus bringing balance to our ever changing world. By combining organic materials such as shells, glass and coral with more conventional materials such as crystal, brass and iron, they want to create pieces that complement the vintage aesthetic while still being relevant in modern day design. Today, the Regina Andrew collection is comprised of rustic and contemporary wall sconces, elegant floor and table lamps, and decorative pendant lighting.

Why We Regina Andrew Lighting

It takes a true artist’s eye (or two, in the case of Regina Andrew) to be able to successfully combine such eclectic materials. Using coral, wood, chains and even concrete, Carla and James are able to inventively develop coolly artistic lighting pieces that are still quite functional and sophisticated. This has led to many unique and visually stunning lighting collections as well as decorative sculptures, mirrors, picture frames and even wall art.

Fun Facts About Regina Andrew

The two founders first met in a unique way, when Carla went to a concert featuring James’ band. Little did they know they would eventually form their own company together. They work collaboratively on all designs—each separately contributing to the design process of anything ranging from a painting or sketch to a lighting design.

Noteworthy Products from Regina Andrew

The Boom Sconce is a nod to both contemporary design and modern technology. This wall fixture mimics the shape and placement of a boom mic (widely used in the film and TV industry). Truly inventive for a wall sconce, the Boom actually functions more like a floor lamp. The Concrete Saucer Pendant is a great example of how Regina Andrew’s successfully uses atypical materials—it is surprisingly detailed for a product made of solid cement.

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Regina Andrew