• Shown in Matte Greige with Weathered Wood blade finish, 44 inch, no light

  • Shown in Black with Black blade finish, 48 inch, Led

  • Shown in Black with Black blade finish, 60 inch, No light

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Wrap Ceiling Fan by

$483.96 - $659.94 + FREE SHIPPING
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  • Select Fan Blade Finish (6) : Black
  • Select Fan Body Finish (5) : Black
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Key Features

Ships To Canada
Energy Star Qualified

Designed with a twist, the Warp Ceiling Fan features clean smooth symmetry with blades that curve and twist for an elegant style. This damp rated and energy star rated fan has a DC motor which will deliver powerful air circulation for many environments. Wrap comes with remote control, three blades, and FanSync app which allows the person to control the ceiling fan with a smart device and use personal audio assistance. Available in a variety of finishes and blades spans.

Back in 1984, Tom Frampton founded Fanimation in his garage in Pasadena, CA, with three ceiling fans. Today, based in Indianapolis, IN, Fanimation currently offers a range of more than 60 ceiling fans, table fans and floor fans. All employ the latest motor technology on the inside and distinctive designs, blade shapes and materials on the outside.

The Wrap Ceiling Fan is available with the following:
  • Material: Metal
  • Number of Blades: 3
  • Motor Type: DC
  • Fan Speeds Forward/Reverse: 31
  • Control Included: Handheld
  • Reverse switch on Control
  • Energy Star Qualified
  • Installation Type: Standard/With Downrod
  • Sloped ceiling adaptable (27)
  • UL Listed Damp
  • Made In China
  • Fan Blade Finish: Black, Brushed Nickel, Natural, Weathered Wood, Dark Walnut, White Washed
  • Fan Body Finish: Black, Brushed Nickel, Dark Bronze, Matte Greige, Matte White
  • Fan Blade Span (inches): 44, 48, 52, 56, 60, 64, 72, 84
  • Light Option: No Light, LED
  • 18 Watt (1400 Lumens) 120 Volt Integrated LED: CRI: 90 Color Temp: 3000K

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  • Canopy: Diameter 6.14"
  • Fixture: Hanging Length 11.83", 12.46", 15.33", 15.96", Blade Diameter 44", 48", 52", 56", 60", 64", 72", 84"
Energy GuideClick for this product's energy information.

Manufacturer IDs: view

FPD8530BL-44BL FPD8530BL-44BL-LK FPD8530BL-48BL FPD8530BL-48BL-LK FPD8530BL-52BL FPD8530BL-52BL-LK FPD8530BL-56BL FPD8530BL-56BL-LK FPD8530BL-60BL FPD8530BL-60BL-LK FPD8531BL-64BL FPD8531BL-64BL-LK FPD8531BL-72BL FPD8531BL-72BL-LK FPD8531BL-84BL FPD8531BL-84BL-LK FPD8530BN-44BL FPD8530BN-44BL-LK FPD8530BN-48BL FPD8530BN-48BL-LK FPD8530BN-52BL FPD8530BN-52BL-LK FPD8530BN-56BL FPD8530BN-56BL-LK FPD8530BN-60BL FPD8530BN-60BL-LK FPD8531BN-64BL FPD8531BN-64BL-LK FPD8531BN-72BL FPD8531BN-72BL-LK FPD8531BN-84BL FPD8531BN-84BL-LK FPD8530DZ-44BL FPD8530DZ-44BL-LK FPD8530DZ-48BL FPD8530DZ-48BL-LK FPD8530DZ-52BL FPD8530DZ-52BL-LK FPD8530DZ-56BL FPD8530DZ-56BL-LK FPD8530DZ-60BL FPD8530DZ-60BL-LK FPD8531DZ-64BL FPD8531DZ-64BL-LK FPD8531DZ-72BL FPD8531DZ-72BL-LK FPD8531DZ-84BL FPD8531DZ-84BL-LK FPD8530BL-44BN FPD8530BL-44BN-LK FPD8530BL-48BN FPD8530BL-48BN-LK FPD8530BL-52BN FPD8530BL-52BN-LK FPD8530BL-56BN FPD8530BL-56BN-LK FPD8530BL-60BN FPD8530BL-60BN-LK FPD8531BL-64BN FPD8531BL-64BN-LK FPD8531BL-72BN FPD8531BL-72BN-LK FPD8531BL-84BN FPD8531BL-84BN-LK FPD8530BN-44BN FPD8530BN-44BN-LK FPD8530BN-48BN FPD8530BN-48BN-LK FPD8530BN-52BN FPD8530BN-52BN-LK FPD8530BN-56BN FPD8530BN-56BN-LK FPD8530BN-60BN FPD8530BN-60BN-LK FPD8531BN-64BN FPD8531BN-64BN-LK FPD8531BN-72BN FPD8531BN-72BN-LK FPD8531BN-84BN FPD8531BN-84BN-LK FPD8530BL-44N FPD8530BL-44N-LK FPD8530BL-48N FPD8530BL-48N-LK FPD8530BL-52N FPD8530BL-52N-LK FPD8530BL-56N FPD8530BL-56N-LK FPD8530BL-60N FPD8530BL-60N-LK FPD8531BL-64N FPD8531BL-64N-LK FPD8531BL-72N FPD8531BL-72N-LK FPD8531BL-84N FPD8531BL-84N-LK FPD8530BN-44N FPD8530BN-44N-LK FPD8530BN-48N FPD8530BN-48N-LK FPD8530BN-52N FPD8530BN-52N-LK FPD8530BN-56N FPD8530BN-56N-LK FPD8530BN-60N FPD8530BN-60N-LK FPD8531BN-64N FPD8531BN-64N-LK FPD8531BN-72N FPD8531BN-72N-LK FPD8531BN-84N FPD8531BN-84N-LK FPD8530MW-44N FPD8530MW-44N-LK FPD8530MW-48N FPD8530MW-48N-LK FPD8530MW-52N FPD8530MW-52N-LK FPD8530MW-56N FPD8530MW-56N-LK FPD8530MW-60N FPD8530MW-60N-LK FPD8531MW-64N FPD8531MW-64N-LK FPD8531MW-72N FPD8531MW-72N-LK FPD8531MW-84N FPD8531MW-84N-LK FPD8530BL-44WE FPD8530BL-44WE-LK FPD8530BL-48WE FPD8530BL-48WE-LK FPD8530BL-52WE FPD8530BL-52WE-LK FPD8530BL-56WE FPD8530BL-56WE-LK FPD8530BL-60WE FPD8530BL-60WE-LK FPD8531BL-64WE FPD8531BL-64WE-LK FPD8531BL-72WE FPD8531BL-72WE-LK FPD8531BL-84WE FPD8531BL-84WE-LK FPD8530BN-44WE FPD8530BN-44WE-LK FPD8530BN-48WE FPD8530BN-48WE-LK FPD8530BN-52WE FPD8530BN-52WE-LK FPD8530BN-56WE FPD8530BN-56WE-LK FPD8530BN-60WE FPD8530BN-60WE-LK FPD8531BN-64WE FPD8531BN-64WE-LK FPD8531BN-72WE FPD8531BN-72WE-LK FPD8531BN-84WE FPD8531BN-84WE-LK FPD8530GR-44WE FPD8530GR-44WE-LK FPD8530GR-48WE FPD8530GR-48WE-LK FPD8530GR-52WE FPD8530GR-52WE-LK FPD8530GR-56WE FPD8530GR-56WE-LK FPD8530GR-60WE FPD8530GR-60WE-LK FPD8531GR-64WE FPD8531GR-64WE-LK FPD8531GR-72WE FPD8531GR-72WE-LK FPD8531GR-84WE FPD8531GR-84WE-LK FPD8530MW-44WE FPD8530MW-44WE-LK FPD8530MW-48WE FPD8530MW-48WE-LK FPD8530MW-52WE FPD8530MW-52WE-LK FPD8530MW-56WE FPD8530MW-56WE-LK FPD8530MW-60WE FPD8530MW-60WE-LK FPD8531MW-64WE FPD8531MW-64WE-LK FPD8531MW-72WE FPD8531MW-72WE-LK FPD8531MW-84WE FPD8531MW-84WE-LK FPD8530BN-44DWA FPD8530BN-44DWA-LK FPD8530BN-48DWA FPD8530BN-48DWA-LK FPD8530BN-52DWA FPD8530BN-52DWA-LK FPD8530BN-56DWA FPD8530BN-56DWA-LK FPD8530BN-60DWA FPD8530BN-60DWA-LK FPD8531BN-64DWA FPD8531BN-64DWA-LK FPD8531BN-72DWA FPD8531BN-72DWA-LK FPD8531BN-84DWA FPD8531BN-84DWA-LK FPD8530DZ-44DWA FPD8530DZ-44DWA-LK FPD8530DZ-48DWA FPD8530DZ-48DWA-LK FPD8530DZ-52DWA FPD8530DZ-52DWA-LK FPD8530DZ-56DWA FPD8530DZ-56DWA-LK FPD8530DZ-60DWA FPD8530DZ-60DWA-LK FPD8531DZ-64DWA FPD8531DZ-64DWA-LK FPD8531DZ-72DWA FPD8531DZ-72DWA-LK FPD8531DZ-84DWA FPD8531DZ-84DWA-LK FPD8530MW-44DWA FPD8530MW-44DWA-LK FPD8530MW-48DWA FPD8530MW-48DWA-LK FPD8530MW-52DWA FPD8530MW-52DWA-LK FPD8530MW-56DWA FPD8530MW-56DWA-LK FPD8530MW-60DWA FPD8530MW-60DWA-LK FPD8531MW-64DWA FPD8531MW-64DWA-LK FPD8531MW-72DWA FPD8531MW-72DWA-LK FPD8531MW-84DWA FPD8531MW-84DWA-LK FPD8530MW-44WW FPD8530MW-44WW-LK FPD8530MW-48WW FPD8530MW-48WW-LK FPD8530MW-52WW FPD8530MW-52WW-LK FPD8530MW-56WW FPD8530MW-56WW-LK FPD8530MW-60WW FPD8530MW-60WW-LK FPD8531MW-64WW FPD8531MW-64WW-LK FPD8531MW-72WW FPD8531MW-72WW-LK FPD8531MW-84WW FPD8531MW-84WW-LK

California Residents: Prop 65 regulations

California Proposition 65

WARNING: This product can expose you to lead, which is known in the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Proposition 65 de la Californie

AVERTISSMENT: ce produit peut vous exposer au plomb, ce qui est reconnu par l'État de Californie comme cause de cancer, d'anomalies congénitales ou d'autres domages à la reproduction. Pour plus d'informations, visitez www.p65warnings.ca.gov

Prop. 65 de California

ADVERTENCIA: Este producto puede explonerlo al plomo, lo cual es conocido en el Estado de California como causante de càncer, defectos de namimiento y ostros daños al sistem reproductivo. Para obeneter mayor información, visite www.p65warnings.ca.gov

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Wrap Ceiling Fan