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Visual Comfort Wall Sconces

422 Results
  • Cabinet Maker's 18-Inch Picture Light
  • Melange Elongated Wall Sconce
  • Bryant Decorative Wall Sconce
    $21700 - $31700
  • Boston Adjustable Wall Sconce
  • Vendome Single Wall Sconce
  • Frankfort Wall Sconce
  • Charlton Wall Sconce
  • Cabinet Maker's Picture Light
  • Vendome Wall Sconce
    $35100 - $45200
  • Clemente Wall Sconce
  • Selfoss Wall Sconce
    2 Size Options
    $68300 - $1,01900
  • Anette Picture Light
    3 Size Options
    $60900 - $1,20900
  • Clemente Double Wall Sconce
  • Camille Sconce
  • Ellery Bow Wall Sconce
  • Dauphine Wall Sconce
  • Primitive Swing Arm Wall Sconce
  • Evans Wall Sconce
    $36900 - $38900
  • Cabinet Maker Picture/Wall Sconce
  • Go Lightly Wall Sconce
  • Geneva Wall Sconce
    3 Size Options
    $71900 - $87900
  • Reed Wall Sconce
  • Modern Hurricane Sconce
  • Evans Swing Arm Wall Sconce

Why We Love Visual Comfort Wall Sconces

Visual Comfort wall sconces take cues from the design trends of the past, giving the lights a bit of Art Deco flair. This makes Visual Comfort wall lights an ideal choice for homes with traditional decorative styles. Although the overall Visual Comfort lighting style offers a nod to the past, you'll still find modern wall lights in the collection, giving you added versatility in choosing your lights.

Where Visual Comfort Wall Sconce Lights Work Best

Visual Comfort's wall sconces can work in just about any area of your home. Try mounting wall lights above the toilet in a small bathroom or powder room, or add them to either side of your bed, freeing up space on your side tables. You can also use wall sconces to flank pieces of art on your walls or to illuminate a wide hallway. You'll even find outdoor wall sconces in the Visual Comfort lighting selection, so you can use them on your front porch or patio as well.

Visual Comfort Wall Lighting We Love

You'll have a vast array of Visual Comfort wall sconces to choose from in creating the lighting design for your home. In addition to the wall lights created by the brand itself, you'll also have access to designs that are the result of collaborations with other lighting designers. For example, Kelly Wearstler lighting meshes well with the classic styling of Visual Comfort lighting, though the pieces tend to skew a bit more towards the modern. Kate Spade's fixtures marks the popular handbag designer's foray into the lighting world, and the lights maintain her signature whimsy, adding fun elements like ribbons and flowers.

How to Choose the Best Visual Comfort Sconces

To choose your wall sconces from Visual Comfort, start by thinking about the amount of space you have for them. Some wall lights protrude out from the wall more than others, and you'll want to ensure the lights you choose won't be in your way as you pass by. In narrow hallways, for example, you'll want to select lighting with a low profile. If you have a bit more room, though, like outside your home or in a large bedroom or living room, your lights can be a bit larger, letting them serve not just as illumination, but also as pieces of decor in their own right.

Other Considerations

The size of the wall lighting you choose is important, but it shouldn't be your sole consideration. You'll also want to take into account the other decor in the room. For example, if you've worked hard to create a cohesive decorative theme in a particular room, you might look for wall light fixtures that are simple and sleek so they don't distract from your other pieces. If you're just getting started on changing the design of the room, on the other hand, you can opt for lighting pieces that are more sculptural and ornate, enabling you to build the rest of the room's decor around them. And with any lighting you choose, consider setting the mood of a room by placing your fixtures on a dimmer switch.

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