Vermont Modern by Hubbardton Forge

The Vermont Modern Story

Vermont Modern was introduced in 2017 by Hubbardton Forge as a more quirky, trendy brand geared towards a tech savvy audience. Their products are dynamic and fun, often with a free-flowing movement that brings a contagious energy to your interior décor. Most importantly, they remain true to Hubbardton Forge standards, providing high-quality, hand-crafted lighting at an affordable price.

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Why We Love Vermont Modern Lighting

Vermont Modern uses an innovative manufacturing process known as “waterjet cutting,” which incorporates high pressured water to make precision cuts without an extraneous amount of waste and pollution. These laboriously crafted pieces are offered in a variety of bold colors such as white, black, gold, silver, red, and blue, making them a great fit for most contemporary interior settings.

Fun Facts About Vermont Modern

The creation of Vermont Modern (and sister brand Synchronicity) brought about vastly different manufacturing processes for parent company Hubbardton Forge. So much so that they had to expand their factory floor by approximately 8,000 square feet.

Noteworthy Products from Vermont Modern

Who says physics can’t be fashionable? The Copernicus LED Pendant by Vermont Modern would beg to differ with its stunning minimalist design that looks more like a science experiment than a luminaire. The body consists of intersecting steel rails that are joined by integrated LED strips (with decorative plus and minus accents) and centered by Vermont maple spheres.

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Vermont Modern by Hubbardton Forge