Stefano Giovannoni

The Stefano Giovannoni Story

Born in La Spezia, Stefano Giovannoni studied architecture at the University of Florence where he first got the design bug. The concept of "radical architecture" emerged and influenced Giovannoni to create his own language, as it were, in design, architecture and expression in general. He has taught at several Italian schools and continues to work in Milan as an industrial and interior designer and architect.

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Companies like Alessi and Flos carry his work, and his pieces can be seen at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris as well as the MoMA collection in New York.

Why We Love Stefano Giovannoni

His style is tongue-in-cheek, edgy and almost offensive, but never to be taken too seriously. Stefano Giovannoni encourages us to take a second look at his works to discover something new and unexpected, and while his style is sleek and sexy, it's playful and relaxed at the same time. Above all, Giovannoni expresses a sense of fun in his work, and who doesn't love a little fun?

Noteworthy Products from Stefano Giovannoni

The Magis Bombo Adjustable Barstool, made through gas-injected air molding, remains Giovannoni's best known piece. The stool moves up and down at the press of a lever and encapsulates futuristic design so well it has appeared in a "Star Trek" movie.

In His Own Words

"It's my job to think about how a product will be received in the marketplace, and that is something I take very seriously."

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Stefano Giovannoni