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Keep an Eye on the Home with Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbells are a new technology that add new features to the timeless invention of the home doorbell. Many smart doorbells will have a camera, doubling as a security camera. The doorbell camera acts as a security camera, allowing the owner to check what is happening outside the front door. Smart doorbells can also have microphones so the owner can speak to the person at the door without opening the door. Smart doorbells, also called video doorbells, typically use an app to send notifications to a phone or tablet. This app functionality allows the user to know what is happening at their front door when they are at home or away. Additionally, security of the home can be enhanced with more smart technology such as smart locks for the door, which can automatically lock the doors at night and provide a numbered keypad for entry rather than a simple key.

For additional safety, if the presence of smart smoke detectors brings ease, consider the addition of a smart doorbell. Doubling as a security camera, smart doorbells allow the owner to always know who is at their door and alerts to any motion outside the door.