Sebastian Wrong

The Sebastian Wrong Story

Born in 1971 in London, England, Sebastian Wrong studied sculpture at Norwich School of Art and Camberwell College of Arts, graduating in 1993. His study in 3D art gave him a better understanding of his interests: material manipulation, purity of form, function and honesty. In 2005, Wrong helped launch Established & Sons and later launched his own project, "The Wrong Shop", in Berlin in 2011. His design work creates a balance between function, aesthetics and refinement.

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Why We Love Sebastian Wrong

Sebastian Wrong puts thorough thought into the quality of his lighting and furniture designs so they will last and (hopefully) avoid the landfill. And even though he specializes in modern furniture and contemporary lighting design for Flos Lighting, all of his projects are injected with a noticeable strand of nostalgia that is somehow common and recognizable to most people.

Noteworthy Products from Sebastian Wrong

The Font Desk Clock for Established & Sons is chalk full of memory, each different font (there are 12 fonts in all) causing you to recall a moment or experience associated with the font or time.

In His Own Words

"Society and culture has got to change, really. There's this sort of disposable attitude about things being just for show, just for the look, and then underneath it's just a load of garbage that's going to fall apart and become more landfill. You can look at (my products) either way, and say, there's an enormous amount of work that goes into this to make it and produce it, and that s reflected in the price."

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Sebastian Wrong