Rosie Li

The Rosie Li Story

Discovered shortly after graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2011, Rosie Li began her career when her undergraduate thesis project caught the attention of the lighting production company, Roll & Hill. The lighting design was the Stella Triangle, an abstract and geometrically savvy product that was not only Li’s first licensed product, but would eventually set the precedent for Rosie Li in 2015.

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Co-founded with Philip Watkins, Rosie Li continues to gain momentum on the design scene, producing beautifully finished and structurally rich products from their Brooklyn offices. With Li’s education in furniture design and Watkin’s background in engineering, a strong sense of spatial understanding is apparent in each of their lighting and furniture designs.

Why We Love Rosie Li Lighting

Using simple structural components, Rosie Li’s range of lighting designs are able to translate basic mathematical principles in to highly decorative fixtures. For example, the straightforward materials and modular nature of the Lina series adapts perfectly according to the needs of a space—Lina can be expanded or contracted from the simplest shape to the most complex geodesic construction.

Fun Facts About Rosie Li

Rosie Li’s designs are profoundly influenced by artistic movements—particularly from the mid-20th century. The Stella Triangle (which made Li the youngest designer for Roll & Hill) is inspired by and named for Frank Stella, a painter known for his brightly colored abstractions.

Noteworthy Products from Rosie Li

The Rosie Li Lina 4 Light Pendant is an open triangular shape that is voluminously weightless, featuring handcrafted brass elements punctuated with light. Rounded joints bond the hand-finished rods together like a molecule, creating a mass of three-dimensional planes with symmetrically arranged exposed bulbs. The glamorous fixture seems to float from the ultra-thin suspension cable, sending a bright ambience while spatially enhancing interior spaces.

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Rosie Li