Pablo Pardo

The Pablo Pardo Story

Coming from a family of designers, Venezuelan-born Pablo Pardo s career was pre-destined. After graduating in 1986 with an industrial design degree from the University of Cincinnati, Pardo designed for companies like Fisher Price and Daimler Chrysler before venturing into lighting.

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He established the Pablo Designs studio in 1993 in San Francisco, that same year introducing the first of the Pablo Pardo lamps: the Piccola Table Lamp, with an unusual beanbag base. It still proves an ideal example of Pardo's technical prowess and wit in his contemporary lighting designs, then and now.

Why We Love Pablo Pardo

Knowing he began his career designing for toy companies, we truly appreciate Pablo Pardo's sense of fun and function when it comes to his lighting designs. For him, it s all about the lighting experience, how a lamp will affect its surroundings. Each design is conceived to achieve a desired lighting effect, often breaking away from traditional modes of construction and use of materials in order to do so. The deceptively simple contemporary lighting that results truly comes into its own when turned on.

Noteworthy Lighting From Pablo Pardo

The LIM line from Pablo lighting is long and lean (as well as adjustable and energy efficient). The two teardrop-shaped sisters, Sophie and Isabella, are table lamps that combine innocence with allure.

In His Own Words

"Lighting is one of the most universal aspects of design. Changing lighting is the easiest way to control and transform an environment."

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Pablo Pardo