Niche Modern

The Niche Story

Niche was founded by accident. In 2003, Jeremy Pyles and Mary Welch were in the process of opening a home furnishings store in Manhattan, called Niche, but couldn't find inspiring display lighting for the storefront. So Pyles designed a glass pendant and had it custom blown in New York (where all Niche products are still hand-blown).

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Although not for sale, the "Stamen" became the most popular item in the store. Based on that demand--and a successful display at the 2005 ICFF--Niche Lighting was born. The company and glass studio are currently based in Beacon, NY.

Why We Love Niche Modern

Niche indeed fills a distinctive contemporary lighting niche. Its transparent and effervescent glass shades offer a decidedly modern take on traditional industrial lighting. Classic Edison bulbs are intended as part of the design, sparkling and setting off the glossiness of the glass that surrounds them. More than that, each of these hand-blown pieces are one-of-the-kind and, using the tenets of good, solid design, effortlessly balance contrasting elements; the glass is strong, yet delicate looking, modern yet classic.

A Fun Fact About Niche

The Pharos Pendant was named after another noteworthy source of light. The Pharos, or Lighthouse, of Alexandria was built on the island of Pharos between 280 and 247 B.C. to guide ships into the Alexandra, Egypt port. It was one of the tallest man-made structures for centuries, and was counted amongst the Seven Wonders of the World.

Noteworthy Products from Niche

The Solitaire Pendant features a crisp bubble of light surrounding a single bulb. The form is at once simple and sensuous, appearing to float in the sky like a crystalline soap bubble.

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