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LED Recessed Lighting

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340 Results
  • 3 Inch LED Adjustable/Downlight Trim
    5 Size Options
    $9000 - $17200
  • Fleur 6 Inch Reflections Retrofit LED Trim
    $20000 - $24400
  • ELEMENT - 4 Inch LED Wall Wash Trim
    $11600 - $14200
  • 3 Inch Flangeless LED Trim
    $11600 - $13200
  • Dune 6 Inch Reflection Retrofit LED Trim
    $20000 - $22400
  • Entra Adjustable New Construction Housing
    $21000 - $23800
  • Skye 6 Inch Reflections Retrofit LED Trim
    $19000 - $23400
  • 3-Inch LED Adjustable Housing
    $50000 - $58000
  • Torus 6 Inch Reflections Retrofit LED Trim
    $18000 - $24400
  • Torus 5 Inch Reflections LED Trim
    $12000 - $17600
  • Bloom 6 Inch Reflections Retrofit LED Trim
  • 2 Inch Square LED Adjustable IC Housing
    $32000 - $37000
  • Entra Flanged Adjustable Round Bevel Trim
  • 2 Inch Round Adjustable Warm Dim LED Remodel Housing
    $30000 - $35000
  • 2 Inch Round Beveled Flangeless LED Trim
    $5600 - $7200
  • 2 inch Round Adjustable LED Remodel Housing
    $27000 - $32000
  • Bloom 5 Inch Reflections LED Trim
    $12000 - $17600
  • Skye 8 Inch Reflections LED Trim
    $14800 - $23600
  • Entra Flangeless Adjustable Round Bevel Shower Trim
    $1680 - $2500
  • Entra Flangeless Adjustable Square Wall Wash Trim
  • 2 Inch Square Flanged Beveled LED Trim
    $5600 - $7200
  • 3 Inch LED New Construction Housing
    $42000 - $58000
  • Torus 12 Inch Reflections LED Trim
    $21800 - $32200
  • Entra Flangeless Adjustable Square Bevel Trim

Why We Love LED Recessed Lighting

LED recessed ceiling lights offer great versatility in illuminating your home or office. Thanks to the LEDs, these lights stay cool while still delivering beautiful illumination. You can use LED recessed lighting to create a layered effect with your lighting, casting a warm and inviting glow in certain parts of the home. When layered, your recessed lighting can also act as mood lighting when you don't need full brightness. The many styles of can lights paired with the benefits of LED lighting make it a savvy choice for your home's lighting needs.

Where LED Recessed Lighting Works Best

From bedrooms to boardrooms, recessed lighting offers a unique take on the modern lighting trend. This versatile style of lighting works especially well in kitchens, finished basements, the living room or family room and even the hallway or an open stairway. Recessed lighting tends to make a room feel bigger by taking up very little space for the light fixture. Recessed lights also create a wall washing effect where the contour of the lighting head directs the light onto the walls for a beautifully uplifting effect. Taking things a step further, LED recessed lighting adds in the benefits of a more energy-efficient alternative to traditional light bulbs.

Different Styles of LED Recessed Lighting

Like much of today's modern lighting architecture, a diverse array of LED can lighting awaits, offering a nice variety of finishes and designs. Finding the right fit for your home or office can be a fun and creative process when you start to consider the look and lighting effects you are hoping to achieve. Many finish hues like white, black, chrome and even copper or gold-plated choices by companies like Contrast Lighting allow you to coordinate with your existing décor palette or add an exciting accent. LED recessed lighting is available with round or square trims, adding another visual aesthetic to your list of considerations. Many styles allow for directional heads that you can position for various lighting effects, and some, like those from Element Lighting, even offer a built-in wall washing effect.

Choosing the Best LED Recessed Lighting

A few important considerations come into play when you prepare to choose LED recessed lights for your home. First, consider whether you need IC- or non-IC rated lighting. This important factor determines whether your lighting fixtures can come into contact with thermal insulation or if they must be kept a minimum of three inches away from insulation. You will also need to consider whether you need line or low voltage as the technical component dealing with the volt current from the house line or a lower, more energy-efficient current. Be sure to also consider the trim size and style in selecting recessed LEDs for your home and keep in mind that the trim can ultimately impact the lighting effects.

Other Considerations

If you like the basics of recessed lighting but prefer to try something a little more dramatic, consider architectural lighting. This striking style of lighting adds a little more emphasis to your lighting fixtures rather than keeping them understated. You may find lovely track lighting options, monorail lighting and more to uplift the illumination aspect of your home. And finally, put your LED recessed ceiling lights on a light dimmer to really control the mood of the room.

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