Kodak LED Lighting

The Kodak LED Lighting Story

Kodak LED Lighting, a California-based company, holds the world’s largest collection of dimmable LED filament lamps. Their experience working with contractors, developers, and designers, has helped them achieve years of success providing cutting-edge LED lamps to hotels, retail stores, restaurants, commercial properties, and residential environments. Each Kodak LED Lighting LED lamp has been engineered to distribute light from the correct location and at the optimum angles and lasts up to ten years, for long-lasting effective use.

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Why We Love Kodak LED Lighting

Kodak LED Lighting has a passion to provide the best looking light possible. They consistently work with leading architectural and interior designers to increase their knowledge base and understanding of lighting that goes beyond simple engineering and into problem-solving for current and future lighting challenges. With the help of contractors, developers, and designers, Kodak LED Lighting incorporates the latest energy-efficient technology to create long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing lamps that have minimal impact on the environment.

Fun Facts About Kodak LED Lighting

Kodak LED Lighting sponsors a free one-hour CEU Webinar entitled, “How Solid-State Lighting is Shaping the Future of Sustainable Design.” Participants learn about the LED technologies that are currently available in the marketplace and how to make well-informed decisions when evaluating alternative LED products.

Noteworthy Products from Kodak LED Lighting

The Kodak LED Lighting 4W 120V A19 E26 LED Filament Bulb is a perfect blend of traditional and cutting-edge technology. Though, at first glance, the bulb appears to be an incandescent and has the same incandescent-like sparkling light effects, the filaments inside are linear LED filaments. Thus, the bulb retains its original rustic look while offering the energy-efficient benefits of modern LED technology. Ideal for hospitality and home environments.

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Kodak LED Lighting