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Juno Recessed Lighting

94 Results
  • 6-Inch Super Slope Baffle Trim
    $4856 - $5360
  • Generation 2 120V Recessed Housing
  • 6-Inch Tapered Reflector Cone Trim
    $3208 - $6276
  • 4-Inch Reflector Cone Trim
    $3966 - $4406
  • Generation 2 Multivolt Recessed Housing
  • Basics 4 Inch LED Retrofit Downlight
    $6662 - $7464
  • 5-Inch Reflector Cone Trim
  • 6-Inch Super Slope Lensed Shower Trim with Diffuser
  • 4-Inch Aiming Elbow Trim
  • Basics LED Retrofit Trim
  • 6-Inch Standard Slope Baffle Trim
    $4000 - $4860
  • 6-Inch BR30 Open Frame Trim
  • Generation 2 Round Adjustable Trim
  • 4-Inch Baffle Trim
    $2452 - $2906
  • Generation 2 Cone Trim
  • 4-Inch MR16 Flush Gimbal Ring Trim
    $3154 - $3288
  • 4-Inch Low Voltage Non-IC Remodel Housing
  • 6-Inch Super Sloped IC Housing
  • 6-Inch Frosted Lens with Clear Center Shower Trim
  • Generation 2 Baffle Trim
  • 4-Inch Line Voltage Non-IC Remodel Housing
  • 4-Inch Adjustable Frosted Lens with Clear Center Trim
  • 6-Inch Standard Slope Reflector Cone Trim
    $5892 - $9124
  • 5 Inch Flat Glass Shower Trim

The bulk of a recessed lighting fixture is installed above your ceiling so that the only visible parts are the trim and bulb. Also known as can lighting, recessed lights provide a minimalist look so that the focus is on the light itself rather than the fixture. Juno Lighting is always on top of the latest technology, which means that you can find highly efficient Juno LED recessed lighting fixtures as well as those that accommodate CFL or ceramic metal halide bulbs.

Juno offers an eclectic variety of trims and baffles to help you create the exact look you're going for. You can use Juno recessed ceiling lights to accent a wall of art, or you can use them for ambient downlighting or task lighting.

Why We Love Juno Recessed Lighting

Juno's Aiming Elbow Trim offers highly directional recessed lighting with its 75-degree adjustable head, ideal for bright illumination and available in four neutral colors. The Glass Cylinder Low Voltage Trim is one of the more showy Juno can lights, featuring an attractive, cylindrical glass shade with an inner metal mesh ring that diffuses light downward while reducing glare. Juno's four-inch Adjustable Eyeball Trim features a black interior baffle that enables you to finely focus the light and the "eyeball" can be rotated nearly 360 degrees and adjusted up to 35 degrees, making it extremely versatile for ambient, task or accent lighting.

Other Considerations

Juno recessed lighting is also ideal for wet spaces like the shower, sauna or spa. Juno Lighting's Beveled Dome Lensed Trim is a low-voltage fixture that provides these locations with bright light that's evenly diffused in a wide spread, thanks to the domed shape of the lens. Juno's solutions for sloped ceilings include the Standard Slope Eyeball in Baffle Trim, which offers bright light that can be directionally adjusted. And if you're looking for the pinnacle of minimalism, the 4" Pinhole Trim effectively disappears into your ceiling and features a small pinhole that sends a minimal amount of light into your space.

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