Greta Grossman

The Greta Grossman Story

Greta Grossman, a furniture designer, interior designer and architect, was one of a few women to play an influential role in the Los Angeles Modern movement. Grossman was born in Sweden in 1906 and studied at the renowned art institution Konstfack before beginning her furniture design business, winning awards and exhibiting in numerous museums. She married jazz musician Billy Grossman in 1940 and moved to Los Angeles, opening a studio in Beverly Hills. Greta Grossman designed homes in the Los Angeles area, taught at UCLA and at the Art Center in Pasadena, and received substantial critical acclaim for her work.

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Why We Love Greta Grossman

Her designs helped to define California Modernism, bringing a Swedish Modernist influence in functionalist, minimalist, lightweight forms. Elegant and compact, Grossman’s creations exude simple elegance. With smooth, clean lines, her understated designs create an openness to interpretation that enables the consumer to express and expand their own creative vision. Her creations are versatile, complementing a variety of interior styles, refined and graceful.

Noteworthy Products from Greta Grossman

The Grasshopper Floor Lamp, an iconic design by Grossman, adds a stylish touch to modern and contemporary spaces, demonstrating the functionalist, minimalist principles of both Swedish Modern and California Modern design.

In Her Own Words

“No architect should be allowed to design a kitchen without running a household for a couple of months! Please, keep us from the ‘rationalized’ kitchens with all their expensive and fancy appliances but without decent cupboards for this and that.”

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Greta Grossman