Francisco Gomez Paz

The Francisco Gomez Paz Story

Francisco Gomez Paz was born in Salta, Argentina in 1975. After receiving his initial schooling in Industrial Design at the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, he moved to Milan in 1998 and received his Master s at Domus Academy. Paz then worked alongside architect and designer Paolo Rizzatto for several years before establishing his own design studio in Milan in 2004.

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Since doing so, he has developed numerous award-winning modern lighting and furniture for companies such as Artemide, Olivetti, Sector, Danese and Luceplan.

Why We Love Francisco Gomez Paz

Francisco Gomez Paz is by his very nature a curious guy and open to new things. His contemporary lighting designs quite literally illuminate his love of materials and technology, as well as his willingness to experiment with both. It has been our experience that this particular mindset is what keeps modern lighting design in general to keep evolving. So, for us, seeing what Paz might come up with next is just, well, plain exciting.

Noteworthy Lighting from Gomez Paz

The Hope Suspension (designed with Paolo Rizzatto for Luceplan lighting) may sparkle like a crystal chandelier, but it is actually made with thin, prismatic polycarbonate fresnel lenses.

In His Own Words

"As a designer, being in close contact with materials is essential. It's from materials that I get most of the inspiration for my projects. Their properties and constraints challenge my creative instinct and lead me to unexpected solutions."

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Francisco Gomez Paz