Dimond Lighting

The Dimond Lighting Story

Back in 2006, ELK Lighting, Inc., a lighting manufacturer in Nesquehoning, PA, was able to stage quite a lighting coup: Acquiring exclusive licensing agreements with mary-kateandashley and Trump Home lighting collections. After these collections were launched in 2007, the powers that be got to thinking about how it would be a great idea to create a division that dealt specifically with designer-based lighting.

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So in 2009, they founded Dimond Lighting as that division. In 2011, Dimond Lighting became the exclusive producer of Biltmore For Your Home lighting.

Why We Love Dimond Lighting

The Dimond Lighting line of designer lamps meets the same standard of quality and value as ELK Lighting, but with even greater decorative appeal. The mary-kateandashley line is smooth and organic, Trump Home ranges from ornate and luxurious to sleek and urbane, and the Biltmore collection recreates all the classic fixtures found in the Biltmore Estate. All of these come with a reasonable pricing, allowing anyone to have quality designer lighting in their home.

A Fun Fact About Dimond Lighting

Lighting made by ELK Lighting and Dimond Lighting graces some of the most renowned buildings in the world, including George Vanderbilt's Biltmore Estate and the Historic Royal Palaces of England.

Noteworthy Lighting From Dimond

The Ethan Adjustable Tripod Floor Lamp is a restoration-styled light fixture that beautifully recreates the charm and bright light of the portable spotlights once used in the theater, photography and Hollywood soundstages. The similarly-styled Curzon Lamp is also glamorous and industrial, appearing as if it just came off of a Hollywood set. And finally, look to the Stanton Floor Lamp for a design that offers the glow of a floor lamp coupled with the convenience of a tray table.

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