Crescent Garden

The Crescent Garden Story

When it began in 2000, Crescent Garden was focused primarily on the practicality of using roto-molded plastics to create planters: strong, lightweight and durable enough for use in just about any condition. From that foundation, Crescent Garden has continued to innovate and bring a designer element to their line of planters. They range from simple and utilitarian to bright and avant garde, making Crescent Garden planters suitable for any design taste or application.

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Why We Love Crescent Garden Planters

You have to love the versatility of planters. They allow you to grow things where no soil exists. They are portable, so you can change your mind and move your plants in an instant. And the variety of colors and styles can only add even more dimension to a container garden, and further express your own personal style. Crescent Garden planters offer all of this, plus they are exceptionally durable in any weather. They are so durable in fact, that Crescent Garden offers a full 10 year limited warranty.

A Fun Fact About Crescent Garden

The largest planter currently in the Crescent Garden catalogue is the Madison 48" planter. It is over 4 feet tall and around, and can accommodate up to 166 gallons.

Noteworthy Products from Crescent Garden

Based on the art of paper folding, the Crescent Garden Origami Planter adds a cool angular accent to any container garden, indoors or out. Or for a more fluid look, the Eye Planters (Eye Am, Eye Ain't) have a beautifully wavy texture, with elliptical openings that inspired their name.

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Crescent Garden