Bover Lighting

The Bover Story

When Bover Lighting began in 1996, it was almost by accident. At dinner with an architect friend, Joana Bover sketched out a lamp on a paper tablecloth. The architect ultimately used the lamp for one of his projects, with great success. This led others to approach Bover about designing lighting for them. Bover's reputation and the demand for her modern lighting quickly grew, leading to the formation of Bover, a lighting design company in Barcelona, Spain.

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While continuing to center its design and production in Spain, Bover now distributes its line of contemporary lighting directly to the U.S. through an American subsidiary, Bover USA, which opened in Atlanta in 2012.

Why We Love Bover Lighting

Based in Barcelona, Bover lighting is at the center of Spanish culture, creativity and innovation. Absorbing and contributing to that atmosphere, Bover is also able to spread their distinctive sensibility around the world. The Bover look is cleanly modern yet romantic, with designs that incorporate unique details and materials like wicker, woven strips of steel and hand-pleated fabric. But Bover lighting is much more than just lovely forms. According to Joanna Bover, "We seek designs that are timeless, products that possess a balance, that within ten years we will still enjoy." As such, every Bover light fixture goes through a rigorous development process to make sure that it will continue to illuminate and catch eyes for many years.

A Fun Fact About Bover

The over-scaled Siam collection (with widely flared shades of hand-wrapped ribbon) was originally designed as a custom lighting project for a casino. The largest Siam currently available, the Siam 03, mounts semi-flush to the ceiling and measures more than 6 and-a-half feet across.

Noteworthy Lighting from Bover

The Fora collection uses a woven synthetic fiber shade to surround and soften further the light coming through an internal plastic globe. With a look like wicker, this outer shade is what gives Fora its modern yet approachable look and helps make it suitable for use both indoors and out. And if you love playing with shadows in your choice of lighting, look to the wooden and energy efficient Dome LED Pendant.

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