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Why We Love BBQ Lights

During Summer cookouts and outdoor entertaining parties, you will likely be cooking on the grill for friends and family. As the family chef, what better way to ensure your favorite pork chop or piece of chicken is cooked well than with focused task lighting? Barbecue lights provide exceptionally focused and adjustable lighting for the grill with a strong bullet of bright light. Get cooking with this selection of BBQ lights.

Where Barbecue Lighting Works Best

Typical patios and outdoor living areas are illuminated by an overhead fixture or a pair of sconces near the door and in some cases, an outdoor-friendly floor or table lamp. While this type of lighting is sufficient for your entertaining party, you'll need a source of ample light to go over the barbecue. This selection of durable, outdoor-friendly and versatile stainless steel barbecue lights give you sufficient task lighting you need to make sure your food is properly prepared. Contemporary options like the Bullet Barbecue Light conveniently mounts to your barbecue's surface and has a long-reaching adjustable neck to guide light anywhere you need it. For even more lighting coverage, look to the Flood Barbecue Light -- a stainless steel fixture with up to 36" of adjustable reach that provides widespread illumination from its 12V, 120V or LED light source. Finally, if you need a BBQ light you can take on the go that does not require being mounted to your barbecue, take a look at the Portable Bullet Barbeque Light. In addition to what you may be grilling for your next party, your guests will love the ample lighting from these grill lights.

Choosing the Best BBQ Lighting

When entertaining friends and family, the last thing you'll want during a barbecue is a lack of bright lighting. This can lead to food being under-prepared or even over-prepared. With the right barbecue task light, you'll ensure your late night summer barbecues are a hit. Begin your search by identifying just how bright of a lamp you need for your barbecue. Your choices will vary depending on the positioning of your barbecue, the layout of your deck or patio and the lumens of the fixture...or just how much light it will provide. From there, you'll want to choose a BBQ light that can easily blend in with your outdoor decor by considering colors, finishes and important design elements. If you have any questions about the BBQ light fixtures feature here, please call our lighting experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

Task lighting is a necessary function in more areas than just over the barbecue. If you need focused lighting for whatever task it is that you are working on, look to the contemporary and modern options in the desk and task lamps category. And find a large variety of ways to light up your deck or patio with all of the available outdoor light fixtures at Lumens. From outdoor-friendly chandeliers to path lights and multiple forms of landscape lighting, you'll find everything you need for your outdoor space.