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Clear Modern Bath Accessories

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Clear Bathroom Accessories

For decorating a modern bathroom, an often overlooked aspect is the use of accessories. The bathroom can contain lighting fixtures and furnishings and these two things can be done in a certain style or theme such as farmhouse or coastal or industrial, among others. The accessories are overlooked most of the time because they are small and sometimes out of the way. But size matters because often the smallest objects that bring only a subtle touch to the décor can elevate it and give it a feeling of completeness. In this way, a bathroom without any accessories wouldn’t feel lived in because it would look empty. It wouldn’t matter what the style of the room was. Accessories help create a lived space.

The accessories used as well can shape the room. The wrong accessories can clash with it. Accessories are not a universal thing that can be applied to any space – they have to match the uses of the room. Family, friends and guests will need to have accessories that they use in particular in order to create that lived-in space.

Clear bathroom accessories are a way to create a neutral presence in the room. Whereas some accessories can have vibrant or grounded colors or metallic sheens that express a certain tone, clear accessories are removed from this dynamic and will stand back and allow the other aspects of the bathroom to take center stage.

Other Considerations

Accessories are typically thought of as toothbrush holders, toilet brush stands and other small things that subtly enhance the room, but they can also include larger objects. This includes bathroom shelves. Shelves can bring additional surface area for displaying objects, holding towels, or even a space for a houseplant to bring some green into the room.

If several things are on display in the bathroom, it may be beneficial to introduce bathroom track lighting. Track lighting can shine light on specific parts of the room, highlighting certain objects. Many track lighting systems also allow for the light to be adjusted directionally should something else need to be focused on in the room.