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Alessi Officina

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10 Results
  • Pito Water Kettle
  • Opus Centrepiece
  • Il Conico Water Kettle
  • Chestnut Pill Box
  • Toothpick Holder
  • Il Caffe Espresso Spoon Set
  • Scoittolo Nutcracker
  • Crevasse Flower Vase
  • Aldo Rossi Creamer
  • Socrates Corkscrew

In its role as the Italian design factory, Alessi has continually taken on the challenge of producing more experimental designs alongside their tried and true home accessories and furnishings. These products have unexpected, advanced forms, and they may never have moved beyond the prototype stage if Alessi hadn't come along to encourage designers' avant garde tendencies and work to get such unique products manufactured.

Originally established as the Alessi "super-brand" in the 1980s, Officina Alessi was resurrected in 2006 to bring together and celebrate these one-of-the-kind objects.