Alessandro Mendini

The Alessandro Mendini Story

As a widely published design theorist (founder and director of Modo magazine, editor for Domus, among many others), Alessandro Mendini has plenty of other ideas about the goal of design and the design process. As one of the main personalities involved in the Radical/Anti-Design movement in the 1970s, Mendini contributed to the Memphis Group and worked alongside such famed designers as Ettore Sottsass and Michele De Lucchi.

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Over the course of his long and diverse career, he has created experimental designs for companies such as Cassina, Alchimia, Swatch, Swarovski Lighting, Artemide and Alessi.

Why We Love Alessandro Mendini

Alessandro Mendini believes that it's not the function of an object that ought to be the starting point of design, but its beauty. In other words, the focus is not on the object itself but on the perception of the eventual user. He also contends that everything has already been designed and used, so it's up to modern designers to re-imagine the details so their audience will see a product anew and be excited to use it again.

Noteworthy Products From Mendini

The Alessandro Mendini design practice of starting with the details is especially evident in his product design for companies like Alessi Design. With items such as the Alessi Parrot Corkscrew and the highly popular Alessi Anna G. collection of kitchen implements, Mendini has taken common items like corkscrews, timers and cheese graters and given them a unique, playful edge. He has made them new again.

In His Own Words

"I am on a quest to communicate through my objects and work in general, trying to say things that encourage people to deepen meditation and spirituality."

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Alessandro Mendini