Reading Lamps

Reading lamps are basically floor lamps especially designed for use when reading. These types of adjustable floor lamps provide bright, focused illumination perfect for taking in the daily newspaper or reading a favorite book, the repose practically a luxury for those living a fast paced lifestyle. And the modern renditions of the reading lamp seem to give book reading a place in today's culture, as if to say, "This antiquated form of thought-on-page will live on into the future, thanks to the balance my modern form brings."

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Where Floor Reading Lamps Work Best

Place a well-chosen LED reading lamp in a corner by your reading chair or near a couch for energy efficient, over-the-shoulder living room lighting. The Z-Bar line from Koncept is a recommended choice for LED reading lamps. And since most models of these modern floor lamps are adjustable, it's easy to work with an established furniture arrangement in the living room by positioning the lamp around and over certain pieces. The home office also benefits from reading floor lamps, and the contemporary lighting design of many of these reading lights offers a fresh, updated look for rooms that can otherwise become stuffy or visually heavy.

Other Great Options

The Tolomeo Floor Lamp from Artemide is a classic design and provides the perfect amount of light when reading your favorite book. Torchiere floor lamps offer much in the way of adding uplighting to a room while providing focused illumination for reading or task work. Wall mounted reading lights and swing arm wall lights are also great options if you're looking for something more permanent.

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