Monorail Lighting Kits

Monorail lighting kits have everything you need for a basic monorail system installation, including various lengths of flexible rail, stand-offs, a canopy/transformer, rail connectors and end caps. Once a monorail hardware kit is assembled, all you have to do is choose the actual lighting elements (pendants and heads) that will run off of it. The included transformer automatically steps down line voltage to low voltage so, as long as its lamping matches up (LED or halogen/xenon), any low voltage element is suitable.

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Where Monorail Lighting Kits Go Best

Monorail hardware kits are the quick and easy way to incorporate versatile and flexible lighting into modern kitchens or living rooms. Monorail hardware kits from Tech Lighting and George Kovacs each come with a wide range of elements complementary to their specific well as to your specific decor.

Other Great Options

If you like these monorail light kits, then you'll have a great time choosing all of the decorative monorail pendant lighting and adjustable monorail heads. (Note: in choosing elements, be sure not to let their total wattage exceed the load accepted by the transformer.) For particularly straightforward task or display lighting, you should also consider track lighting kits.

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