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LED Lighting

LED Lighting

Durable, energy efficient and long lasting lighting.

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Why We Love Decorative LED Lighting

Today's advanced LEDs are long-lasting, dimmable, available in both warm and cool light colors and, of course, extremely energy efficient. LED stands for "light emitting diode" and, though the name sounds quite technical, the benefits of LED bulbs are crystal clear. They present a number of advantages over incandescent light sources that include a longer lifespan, greater durability and, most importantly, they consume 75% less energy.

LED technology has made giant strides in the last few years, with huge advances in quality, design and durability. Today's LEDs offer so many benefits...they're dimmable, energy efficient, silent, long lasting and available in many light color temperatures, both warm and cool. While the initial price of LED lighting may be higher, when comparing the lifetime of these bulbs to that of incandescent or even fluorescent bulbs, the benefits far outweigh the cost. Believe it or not, many of the LEDs made back in the 1970s and '80s are still in operation today!

Where LED Light Fixtures Work Best

Ceiling lights and wall lights powered with LED technology will keep things bright and energy efficient while saving you money over time. Consider adding an LED-powered suspension over the dining room table or LED recessed lighting in areas with high, hard-to-reach ceilings. In the office, an LED desk lamp from Koncept or Artemide will be perfect for those late work nights. And don't forget to light up your backyard with stylish LED outdoor and landscape fixtures.

Other Great Options

When it comes to dimming an LED fixture, you will want to see the line of contemporary dimmers and light switches from Legrand Adorne. And be sure to view Modern Forms, a division of WAC Lighting and leading designer of contemporary bath and outdoor fixtures powered by LED technology.

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