Le Klint

The Le Klint Story

Tage Klint pioneered the family handicraft business in Denmark in 1943, inspired by P.F. Jensen-Klint's invention of the pleated lampshade. Tage added the elastic collar to the top of the shade to better keep the pleats from unraveling. The business was passed down to Tage's son, Jan Klint, in 1953, who still runs the company.

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Le Klint lighting is distributed by Illuminating Experiences, which also offers De Majo, Nemo, ModoLuce and more.

Why We Love Le Klint Lighting

Best known for pleated, stabilized PVC pendants designed by Poul Christiansen (introduced between 1969-1987), Le Klint lighting is distinguished by cool mid-century modern lighting designs. The Le Klint pendants are hand-folded in mathematical curves, creating sharp looks that are juxtaposed by waves of warm light. They offer movement and sculpture to contemporary spaces, and they're washable and anti-static, too.

Fun Facts About Le Klint

In 1971, Jan Klint set up a foundation to ensure the future of Le Klint employees, still in effect today.

Noteworthy Lighting from Le Klint

The Le Klint 172 Pendant is a good example of how Le Klint uses pleated PVC material to create designs with movement.

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Le Klint