Floor Fans

Conveniently portable from room to room and home to home, the floor fan holds to its air circulating roots while adapting to an uprooted lifestyle--unlike its more stationary cousin, the ceiling fan. And gone are the days of the white plastic floor fan--now there are fun designs to choose from, including handsome Restoration style fans, fans for the patio, and even ones that look like they just stepped out of the tropical Bahamas.

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Where Floor Fans Work Best

Take them anywhere, from the living room to the bedroom, similar to the portability of a floor lamp or table lamp. Some can even go outside on the patio, if rated for wet locations. That's the beauty of the floor fan - unlike a ceiling fan - their portability and new style range means they're not married to one location so they can accommodate any cooling or air circulation need no matter the room.

Other Great Options

If you love the convenience of these decorative floor fans, check out the selection of table fans, desk fans and wall fans, too. Ranging in styles from modern but friendly like the designs by Stadler Form to amazingly Art Deco designs from Fanimation, these table and wall fans give you the same convenient mobility packaged for the small space.

Questions about how to choose a fan? Be sure to see the Lumens Fan Buyer's Guide for expert tips and advice on all fan related questions.

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