Modern Wall Decor & Mirrors

The functional and decorative uses of modern mirrors are pretty impressive. Primarily useful as personal grooming aides, strategically-placed mirrors have also been proven to actually make rooms look bigger and improve the sense of flow. And they look great doing it. Decorative wall mirrors come in a wide range of styles to complement the decor of any room in which they reside. You can go anywhere from understated and minimalist to grand and gilded.

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Where Wall Decor & Mirrors Work Best

As the primary area for grooming, the bathroom pretty much requires a vanity mirror. Bathroom vanity mirrors are typically mounted over the sink and/or vanity area (and best in sizes proportional to such areas). Some contemporary mirrors even come with integral lights, effectively doubling their functionality in the bathroom. Full-length mirrors from Blomus and Kartell go perfectly in the bathroom or bedroom and reveal your whole ensemble all at once. And put mirrors in any space that you'd like to feel larger, such as the entryway or living room.

Other Great Options

With a decorative mirror, you'll want them to reflect a lovely room. The variety of clean and modern bathroom accessories make the ideal complements to mirrors in the bathroom, as do other decorative accessories throughout the rest of the home. And if you need something else to hang on the wall, you'll want to see the great selection of modern wall clocks.

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