Outdoor Torches & Accessory Lighting

As the first man-made light source, fire continues to warmly illuminate settings and provide people with a sense of security and comfort. These days, it comes in modern designs that are easy to use and easy to place wherever they're needed. In this selection of outdoor torches, garden torches and accessory lighting, real flames are joined by other portable light sources, including cordless table lamps, electric "candles" and even waterproof plastic boulders with colored LEDs that can be made to flicker like real firelight.

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Where Outdoor Torches & Accessory Lighting Work Best

The portability of backyard torches and accessory lighting means you don't have to be married to any single outdoor lighting scheme. They can be arranged anywhere you want: on a patio table, providing an illuminating border around a conversation area, etc. While the open flame and sharp stake bases of Blomus garden torches are best reserved for outdoor applications, the more petite electrified accessory lighting offered by manufacturers like Philips Lighting and Alessi can be used indoors as well as out.

Other Great Options

If a little fire is good, then more fire is better. In that case, outdoor fireplaces provide even more ambient light, warmth and gorgeous decorative focal points in outdoor settings. Be sure to see the contemporary fireplaces and fireplace accessories available Radius Design. And for the eco-friendly and environmentally conscious, you'll want to see the designs available from EcoSmart Fire. Finally, pay close attention to what you are grilling with a BBQ light from Focus Industries.

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