Mid-Century Modern Ceiling Lights

The collection of mid-century ceiling lights inspire as much as they illuminate. Inventive designs, structural integrity, and the innovative use of materials combine to create modern - and yet timeless - pendant lights, chandeliers and flush mount ceiling fixtures that evoke a sense of deep nostalgia for the hopefulness, industriousness, and prosperity that characterized post-war America. In this assortment, you'll find the characteristic clean lines, organic shapes, and clever use of materials that define mid-century lighting pieces and embody the era's design sensibilities of modern elegance and simplicity.

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Why We Love Mid-Century Modern Chandeliers & Pendant Lighting

These mid-century and retro-inspired pieces aren't just light fixtures. They are works of art both sculptural and functional, designed with an aesthetic bent by distinguished designers who revere the harmonious marriage of shape, texture, and color to create imaginative pieces that tie a room together and become a focal destination in themselves. From Patricia Urquiola's imaginative, bejeweled Caboche lights for Foscarini that play with shadows and reflections to remarkable layered Scandinavian-themed pieces from Louis Poulsen that blur the lines between art and architecture, this collection is filled with inventive options that bring vividness to your lighting design. And we couldn't mentioned mid-century chandeliers and pendants without acknowledging the illustrious fixtures from the Jonathan Adler collection.

Where Mid-Century Modern Ceiling Lights Work Best

A mid-century ceiling light fixture can easily become a statement piece in any almost space, both in residential homes and commercial locations. From a grand chandelier with a retro design gracing the entryway and warmly welcoming your guests to mid-century flush mount lighting providing overhead illumination in the hallway and pendant lighting brightly sparkling in the kitchen or dining room, these light fixtures are able to find their home in nearly any room. And consider a mid-century lighting piece for restaurant lighting or suspended in a retail space, especially if you love the look of bold brass finishes or clean and contemporary white shades.

Other Great Options

Lighting is often an afterthought in the home design process, yet illumination in the home is one of our most elemental needs. Modern ceiling lights provide the central source of light in a room, which is then supplemented with more focused ambient and task lighting. Chandeliers both large and small make a bold design statement, while pendant lights, which hang closer to eye level, provide direct lighting to spaces like the kitchen island or dining room table. Flush mount lights are more subtle. Directly attached to the ceiling, they provide functional lighting to any room and work well in hallways and other small, dark spaces.

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