LED Ceiling Lights

Things are looking up. Overhead lights are among the most popular and versatile lighting, and nothing is gaining ground in the lighting world more quickly than LED technology. This versatile light source lends LED ceiling lights customization options that are seldom realized with incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs; many LEDs are dimmable (a desirable feature in many ceiling lights), and choices abound in color temperature and even color-changing options. Plus, LEDs can fit into designs that larger bulbs can’t, so the design possibilities are almost limitless.

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Why We Love LED Ceiling Lights

Offering energy efficiency and longevity, modern LED ceiling lights have applications from living room chandeliers to kitchen mini pendants, recessed bath lighting to bedroom flush mounts. LED ceiling light fixtures can provide ambient illumination or function as spotlights, all while reducing energy consumption and costs. Designs can range from avant-garde LED pendant lights to more traditional flush mounts that benefit from an LED update, like those from Modern Forms.

Other Great Options

There’s an LED ceiling light fixture for every room and every aesthetic, from the experimental LED chandeliers by Moooi to more utilitarian LED recessed lighting, which is a great solution in hard-to-reach high ceilings since long-lived LEDs require much less frequent replacement.

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