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Why We Love Rocking Chairs

Perhaps it's the gentle, soothing motion, or maybe it's the tenderhearted memories from our childhood. Rocking chairs are timeless home furnishings that are delightful to young and old, from the new mom rocking her infant to the beloved grandparents enjoying a little fresh air on the porch. Modern rocking chairs take a comfortable seat and update the look to accentuate today's home fashions. Whether upholstered or fashioned out of sleek true hardwood or engineered hardwood, a rocker can be the perfect home accent for relaxation as well as fine aesthetic completion of a room.

Where Rocking Chairs Work Best

Picture yourself relaxing and it isn't hard to find a few spots in your home where you'd like to set down a rocking chair. The first place that comes to mind is a nursery or baby's bedroom, giving mom a place to enjoy precious moments singing, reading and snuggling with the baby. Rocker chairs work nicely in the family room or living room, adding a seat with more versatility than usual. The bedroom is another fine location to sit rocking away as you read, complete some knitting or other needlework or take a few moments in meditation. Rocking chairs bring calmness and tranquility to the home, so place one wherever your family needs a little solace.

A Rocking Chair for Every Style

Contemporary furniture has come a long way in its quality and appearance. You can find colors, shapes and styles to suit your fancy for any place in the house. Rocking chairs by Gus Modern offer a soft and cushy place to sit and rock with plenty of colors to complement your existing décor. Sweeping curves add to the fluidity of rockers by Blu Dot, featuring comfortable and sturdy construction. Lastly, the exquisite styles by Artek pay subtle tribute to timeless rocking chairs of old with a gentle slope that invites pure relaxation.

Choosing the Best Rocking Chairs

You can effortlessly enhance the look and feel of your home by adding home accents that make your place even more inviting. Choosing cozy chairs makes it easy for your guests and family to find a comfortable yet stylish place to sit and enjoy casual conversation. Select the perfect rocking chair for your home by considering the purpose of the chair. Is your rocker intended for adult guests of the home, for the family to enjoy daily or for the care of an infant? Once you know the rocker's main purpose, you can choose based on how the chair is constructed and the amount of padding it offers. You can then consider any color scheme you'll need to match or complement. If you have any questions about the rocking chairs featured here, please call our furniture experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

Rocking chairs add an element of graceful relaxation to your home. If you like how rocker chairs enhance your favorite rooms, you may also enjoy enhancing your home's seating situation with lounge chairs from the same array of celebrated designers found here. For a larger crowd, sofas will provide ample seating, comfort and a sense of permanence to the living room. Or consider a sectional sofa to really enhance the amount of available seating. Last but certainly not least, don't forget to finish the look with an ottoman or stool!