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Grey Dining Chairs

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  • Masters Chair - Set of 2
  • Louis Ghost Chair Set of 2
  • Hot Mesh Chair
  • Victoria Ghost Chair Set of 2
  • Langham Dining Chair
    $79900 - $89900
  • Eames Molded Plastic Side Chair - 4 Leg Base


    $25075 - $31875 $295.00 - $375.00
  • 1 Inch Reclaimed Chair
  • New York Side Chair - Leather
  • Rider Dining Chair
    Fabric Color
  • 111 Navy Chair
  • Basil W Chair
    $23700 - $27700
  • Eames Molded Plastic Side Chair - Wire Base


    $29325 - $36125 $345.00 - $425.00
  • Parisienne Chair
  • Barclay Dining Chair Set of 2
  • Ice Swivel Stool - Tubular Footrest
    Seat Color
  • Embras Dining Chair Set of 2
  • Belleville Armchair
  • CH24 Wishbone Chair Limited Edition Soft Colors
    Frame Finish
  • Decade Dining Chair


  • Annie Upholstered Wooden Chair
    Seat Color
  • Led Stackable Dining Chair
  • Wolfgang Metal Chair Set of 2
    $76871 - $1,74955
  • 1966 Collection Dining Chair
    Fabric Color
  • Broom Stacking Chair

Learn More About Dining Chairs

Why We Love Grey Dining Chairs

Whether you’re looking for a light grey for an upgrade on a traditional neutral or a rich, deep grey that is simultaneously luxurious and minimalistic, there’s a grey dining room chair to fit your needs. Grey dining room chairs can be simple and minimalist, sophisticated and contemporary, or even classic and vintage. And though they’re beautiful and elegant in a dining room, don’t restrict them just to dining room seating. These beautiful grey fabric dining chairs can be used as accent seating for small spaces, act as a place to sit down and take of your shoes in foyers, or even as a modern touch on a patio or deck.

Decor that Works Well with Grey Dining Chairs

Think of grey as an update on the classic neutrals. Modern grey dining chairs with acrylic seats and clean lines will enhance any decor that embraces subtle cool tones, like minimalism, contemporary, even Scandinavian styles. Traditional, in a deep, rich hue will bring luxurious comfort and a slightly contemporary feel to traditional homes. And, when placed on a porch or patio, dark grey dining chairs can bring a modern pop of color that stands out from the surrounding natural tones but never clashes with them. These chairs will fit in with any decor, so don’t feel limited.

Favorite Styles of Modern Grey Dining Chairs

Thanks to our scrupulously selected collection of grey dining chairs, you won’t have any trouble finding one that fits your style. Beautifully simple acrylic options are the perfect fit for interesting seating options that don’t stray from minimalist values. Grey leather dining chairs put comfort first without ever compromising their modern touch. And, the stunning combination of gray tones and wood accents provides an excellent seating option for homes with rustic or industrial influences. Grey may seem like a mundane color, but these chairs are anything but mundane.

How to Choose the Perfect Set of Grey Dining Room Chairs

There’s no exact formula for choosing a set of dining room chairs, but there are some things to keep in mind to help guide you in your choice. Every home is different so in order to ensure that your new dining chair fits the function, you require and maintains the decorum you demand, put practicality first and design second. Think chair height, do you need arms, is the chair too big or small for your space. Once you’ve determined the perfect fit, look for one that matches your style.

If you’re using your grey dining chairs in a traditional capacity, you need to make sure that they will fit beneath your table surface. However, if you’re getting creative with how you use them, you’ll have a lot more freedom with size and shape. Play around with different tones and textures to achieve a look that’s both unique and universal.

Other Considerations

For those homes where grey just doesn’t quite seem to fit, browse our selection of to find more seating options that are stylish and comfortable. And if you love the luxury of grey chairs, but prefer the stick to clean, bright colors, consider a . The color is fresh and neutral and the leather provides comfort and richness.

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